Sandersville Railroad Company

Bulk Transfer Facility

Sandersville Bulk Transfer Facility

The Sandersville Railroad has teamed up with B-H Transfer Company in transloading plastic pellets, soda ash, and lumber. The transloader is manufactured by Rail Barge Truck and is the Model 2450 belt conveyor. This model is specifically designed for dense bulk granular commodities such as soda ash, sand, and lime.

The transloading site is a nine-acre tract of land with a ten-railcar spot. The fenced site is well suited for the outdoor storage of lumber. Truck scales are available onsite.

Several tracks on the Sandersville Railroad are used for the transfer of plastic pellets from railcars to truck and more track space is available. This allows the Sandersville Railroad to provide significant storage in transit capacity for plastic pellet shippers.

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