Sandersville Railroad Company

Industry Railcar Types

In addition to the railcars owned by the Sandersville Railroad Company and Sandersville Leasing, Inc., the railroad transports a variety of specialty equipment provided by the shipper or made available by the Norfolk Southern Railroad. These equipment types are depicted below.

Shipper Furnished Equipment

The Sandersville Railroad's customers have over 2200 railcars of various types and sizes. The table below identifies the types of cars in use and gives a brief description of each car type.

Railcar Description
Tank Car
Pressure Differential (PD) Car
Gravity Discharge Hopper Car
Sparger Car


Norfolk Sothern Equipment

The Norfolk Souther Railroad provides a ready supply of railcars for use by customers to transport a wide variety of materials. The table below illustrates the types of cars in use and identifies each car type.

Railcar Description
Log Car
Covered Hopper Car

Covered Hopper Car
(Big John)


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