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Our people make the difference.

Our People

The Sandersville Railroad is well equipped with locomotives and railcars, however, our most valuable resouce is our people. Each person at the Sandersville Railroad is dedicated to providing superior service and effective results.


Primary contact information for the Sandersville Railroad is listed below:


Sandersville Railroad
P.O. Box 269
Sandersville, GA 31082
Phone: 478-552-5151
Fax 478-552-1118


Principal Contact:
Jason G. Carter, Freight Agent
478-552-5151 ext. 206
Fax 478-552-1118

Company Officers:
Ben J. Tarbutton, III, President

Ben J. Tarbutton, Jr., Secretary and Treasurer

Key Managers:
Vicki Brantley, Administrative Assistant

Clay Elrod, General Superintendent
478-552-5151 Ext. 205

Larry J. Sims, Marketing Manager
478-552-5151 Ext. 215

Lewis Reddick, Maintenance of Way Supervisor
478-552-5151 Ext. 207

Jerry Grabiak, Chief Mechanical Officer
478-552-5151 Ext. 209

Prine Anglin, Locomotive Supervisor
478-552-5151 Ext. 207

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