Sandersville Railroad Company

Evans Industrial Site


This property is well served with all the essential utilities, including water, sewerage, electricity, and gas. This property is fully rail served by the Sandersville Railroad Company. This site is partially developed and is home to Crossties of Virginia, Weyerhaeuser, and the Sandersville Railroad Bulk Transfer Facility. These facilities are shown in blue in the topographic map, below.


Topo Map and Property Details


  • 160 Acres
  • Fully Rail Served
  • Direct Access to Georgia 15; 3.5 miles from Fall Line Freeway
  • Water provided by City of Sandersville witha 12 inch main (City's excess capacity of 2 million GPD)
  • Sewer provided by City of Sandersville with an 10 inch main (City's excess capacity of 600,000 GPD)
  • Gas provided by Georgia Natural Gas with a 6 inch main
  • Electricty is served by City of Sandersville, Georiga Power, and Washington EMC

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Weyerhaeuser Crossties of Virginia Sandersville Railroad Bulk Transfer Facility