Sandersville Railroad Company

Industries Served by Sandersville Railroad


The kaolin industry is a major economic contributor to Washington County. Kaolin companies located in Sandersville include Imerys Pigments and Additives, J.M. Huber Corporation, Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Company, Burgess Pigment Company and Thiele Kaolin Company. These businesses serve international markets in the paper, plastics, fiberglass, and pharmaceutical industries. The Sandersville Railroad provides reliable, efficient, and timely transportation of these finished products for the various kaolin companies.

Forest Products

The Sandersville-Washington County area is rich in forest resources. Crossties of Virginia operates a green tie sawmill. Weyerhaeuser Corporation operates a wood chip mill in Sandersville. These wood chips are used in the pulp making process and are transported from the processing facility in chip hopper cars by the Sandersville Railroad. The railroad is capable of transporting raw timber as well as processed materials.


Rinker Corporation, which is directly rail served, produces a variety of extruded plastic pipe at its PolyPipe manufacturing plant in Tennille. Several other extrusion operations are served through the Sandersville Railroad Bulk Transfer Facility.

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