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The Sandersville-Washington County area is an excellent location for industrial development. Well known for being the "Kaolin Capital of the World", the area is also home to a number of other industries, including the production of forest products and of plastic products.

The kaolin industries represented in the community include Imerys Pigments and Additives, J.M. Huber Corporation, Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Company, Burgess Pigment Company and Thiele Kaolin company.

The forest products industry is represented by Weyerhaeuser and Crossties of Virginia, which produce woodchips and railroad crossties, respectively. Polypipe is a plastics manufacturer producing extruded pipe products.

Below is a site map of the Sandersville Railroad, showing the location of these existing industrial sites, as well as the locations of available industrial development sites. More information on the existing industries can be found on the Industrial Customers page. Information on properties available for industrial development can be found on the Industrial Development Sites page.


Railroad Service Map

The Sandersville Railroad service map, below, shows existing industrial sites served by the railroad, as well as industrial properties suitable for development. In the site map, existing industrial sites are shown in orange and industrial development sites are shown in yellow. Of special interest is the Sandersville Railroad Bulk Transfer Facility which provides for efficient transfer of materials between rail and truck transportation carriers.

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